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ORCHARD BLOSSOMS by Earring Meadows: Coral - Silver - Pink - Silver - Flower - Garden - Country - Wedding - Earrings

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The air fills with the sweet smell of blossoms, leaving just a hint of the smell of the fruit they will soon become... The breeze blows and the petals seem to rain down from the tree tops covering you in their sweet aroma...

This one of a kind pair of artisan earrings is hand designed with red and coral, stone and glass beads, at the top with silver tone accents. Beneath these large coral beads is a cascade of coral shell and red glass beads that lead to an intricately detailed silver toned flower blossom charm.

This pair of flower earrings measures about 3 and 1/4 inches or 8 and 1/2 cm. These earrings weigh 8 grams.

The french style hooks used for this pair are surgical stainless steel and hypoallergenic. The manufacturer of these hooks states: "Although all Surgical Stainless Steel contains nickel in trace amounts, the nickel is stabilized with the Stainless Steel and is considered to be safe for anyone who may have nickel allergies. Our products are made from high grade #316 or #430 Surgical Stainless Steel and meet the Mayo Clinic recommendations as well as the EU Nickel Directive. Surgical Stainless Steel is a great metal for jewelry making as it never tarnishes."

Please note: Surgical stainless steel hooks are not reflected in these photos as the change to these hooks was made after these earrings were photographed. However all hooks will be changed to surgical stainless steel before being shipped to you. Please see additional photo to see what the surgical stainless steel hooks look like.

(Only earrings included in sale. Props and backgrounds not included in sale.)