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Hello Hard Working Men and Women,

My name is Cierra Hutton and I am the owner and artisan of Earring Meadows.

Earring Meadows is a small sole proprietor business built from the ground up to reflect women’s inner beauty by means of one of a kind handcrafted artisan earrings. Each piece of jewelry is made with passion and attention to detail, to provide high quality costume jewelry made with stone, glass, and shell beads, enamel charms, pendants, and various other high quality materials. Every pair is a reflection of my skills and passions.

I started my journey as an artisan at a young age and I have spent every free moment refining my skills to make beautiful one of a kind earrings. In my late teens I decided that I wanted my passion to also be my business, so I delved into the depths of running a business, and emerged with more knowledge than I ever dreamed. The start of my business was CH. Beaded Joy in 2019, the very first of my passions. This business in time outgrew its name, and I delved once again into the world of rebranding and marketing,

and Earring Meadows was established in June 2021.

The goal of Earring Meadows is for women and men alike to be able to shop for one of a kind earrings. All these earrings are designed so that women can let their inner beauty and passions shine from the inside out. Every pair is one of a kind because every woman is one of a kind. No two pairs are exactly alike and my loyal customers wouldn’t have it any other way.

When you shop at Earring Meadows you show the world your unique beauty. So, whether you’re a bride planning your big day or you’re a mom of 3 making an errand run, or a hard working man looking for just the right gift for the wonderful women in your life,

Remember, you’re not average, you’re one of a kind!

Shopping at Earring Meadows is about the journey, so enjoy shopping, take the time to find what really makes your heart smile and take some time to think about the other wonderful women in your life and what would make their heart smile!

Why buy a gift that someone else already has?

Instead, shop for something that no one will ever have again!


Artisan Hand Designed To Be One Of A Kind 

Think of how many artists have painted a beautiful sunset or sunrise, and yet who gets tired of seeing one? The beauty of a sunset never fades and nature itself is timeless, never aging.

At Earring Meadows every time you wear one of our earrings you can feel the beauty of nature surrounding you.

 Inspiration for these artisan earrings comes from many places, from the tiniest of flowers, to a simple slice of fruit, or even the soft fur of a puppy in your arms. The inspiration is endless…

Every bead and charm is carefully selected with quality in mind from many different places to make stunning earrings that are truly one of a kind. Therefore inventory will always be considered low but new earrings are added often.

In order to offer the best quality, while still keeping prices reasonable, all earrings are made with French style surgical stainless steel hooks that are lead and nickel free as stated by the manufacturer.

For more information please review my FAQ and Policies. 

Every Earring Is Packaged As A Gift

Every earring is carefully packaged to be delivered as a gift for yourself or someone you love.

Each earring comes with its own earring card with its name and measurements and weight of each earring on the back and are wrapped in protective material to protect them during shipping.

A handwritten note of appreciation, an earring care card, A QR code to leave a review, as well as a free gift of soap & alcohol wipe is included in your crush resistant gift box. 

This gift box can be repurposed as a travel soap container or can be used to carry your earrings with you when you travel.

Earring Meadows Logo
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