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Frequently Asked Questions: 

How Do I Care For My Earrings?

Each earring is designed with various materials, therefore due to the natural tendency of these materials, please do not try to wash them with chemicals, soap or water. After wearing, rub gently with a soft silky cloth that won’t unravel. Please note that tarnishing is natural with age and cannot always be prevented.
It's important to remember that these earrings are not designed to be worn in or near water.

To clean surgical stainless steel hooks before and after wearing, use an alcohol wipe to sanitize.

Additionally, due to the small nature of each pair, earrings should never be left with children under 14. 

What Earring Hooks Are Used?

As of September 2021 all earrings are made with surgical stainless steel hooks. The manufacturer of these hooks states:

"This French Hook style ear wire is made of high quality Surgical Stainless Steel for added durability and strength. Made of a shimmering silver metal, this ear wire is embellished with a spring and closed loop ready to add findings to make the perfect earring.

Surgical Stainless Steel is a hypo-allergenic metal which is perfect for anyone who suffers from allergies to nickel. Although all Surgical Stainless Steel contains nickel in trace amounts, the nickel is stabilized with the Stainless Steel and is considered to be safe for anyone who may have nickel allergies. Our products are made from high grade #304, #316 or #430 Surgical Stainless Steel and meet the Mayo Clinic recommendations as well as the EU Nickel Directive. Surgical Stainless Steel is a great metal for jewelry making as it never tarnishes."

~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Note: Photos of products made before September 2021 do not reflect this change in hooks.

However all hooks are replaced with surgical stainless steel earring wires before being shipped. 

Does One Of A Kind Mean I Have The Only One?

Yes you are truly buying a pair of artisan earrings that no one else, anywhere else, has in their collection from Earring Meadows. When each pair is made, only one pair is ever made. Since each pair is one of a kind they are irreplaceable so please see my policies below to know what happens in the case of earrings getting lost during shipment. If you have a special request such as bridal party earrings that are similar yet still one of a kind please email me at info@earringmeadows.com


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How Are My Earrings Shipped For Protection?

After diligent research, I discovered that most earring packaging or boxes are easy to crush during shipment. Determined not to let that happen, every pair of earrings is carefully tucked inside a reusable sturdy soap container with a lid.

Why Is There A Travel Soap In My Package?

Since I ship all earrings in crush resistant travel size soap containers, I felt a great freebie for my amazing customers is a natural travel soap. This is simply included as a bonus gift for you!

If you don’t like the soap, or can’t use it, feel free to give it away. Although I have spent time finding a good quality and mainly natural soap, Earring Meadows is not liable for the ingredients or use of this soap or any reaction this soap may cause. It is simply a free gift. Please do not use if you are allergic or sensitive to any of its ingredients.

Are These Earrings Returnable?

Since every pair is made one of a kind, and designed to be worn only by its buyer or the recipient of these earrings, Earring Meadows does NOT accept returns.

This is not to make it difficult on my customers, rather it is to keep every pair truly special and make sure each pair is bought to be appreciated.

Additionally, this keeps germs to a minimum for you and me as the Artisan.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at info@earringmeadows.com

Does Earring Meadows Offer Custom Orders?

Have A Custom Idea?
Feel free to tell me your idea or the color combos you would like
to see, as well as the charm style you would be interested in. I
can NOT guarantee that this is something that I can design as
each pair I make is one of a kind and I use high quality materials
from various places that quickly get low in stock. However I will
gladly listen to your ideas and contact you to let you know if this
is something possible or not. If a design idea is possible I will
keep in contact with you during the design process and try to
make a pair that makes your heart smile. If it doesnt, no
worries, it will be listed for sale for others to buy.

(If the design is very specific and takes a good bit of my time as an artisan, extra non-refundable fees may be applied. Contact me for more details.)

Simply email me at info@earringmeadows.com

Policies - Effective April 27, 2021 

Shipping and Return Policies

How Are My Earrings Packed And Shipped?

All earrings are connected to Earring Meadow earring cards with earring name and details handwritten on the back. All earrings are tucked inside a crush resistant soap box with a lid. Stuffing is included to keep earrings from shifting during shipping. If two pairs are ordered, each will be packaged in their own separate crush resistant soap container and will both be shipped in a bubble envelope to make sure both arrive at the same time. If ordering three or four earrings, all earrings will be in individual crush resistant soap containers and all will be shipped in the same small box. If ordering more, there will possibly be separate shipments arriving at separate times, however I will try to keep all earrings together for your convenience.

A free gift of a natural travel size soap is included with your order. If you are allergic to any ingredients, please do not use. If you can’t use or don’t like this soap please feel free to give it away. A  handwritten card will also be included inside your package. Make sure to look under all the protective stuffing to see all the contents of your package. All these contents will be packed into a plain white bubble envelope or plain labeled box to help keep away thieves.

  • When you buy 3 or more pairs of Earrings you will receive Free U.S Shipping and your order will be processed within 24-48 hours. You will receive an email giving you shipping confirmation as well as a tracking number. Every U.S. package comes tracking included in the price. Your package will arrive within 3-5 days depending on carrier speeds. 
  • If your package arrives damaged please send me multiple photos of the damaged box and let me know if the goods inside, including the soap dish and earrings, are damaged. Please send these photos to me at info@earringmeadows.com and I will personally correspond with you to fix that issue.
  • Once package is shipped - Cancellations are NOT accepted.

What If I Decide I Want To Cancel My Order?

If you would like to cancel an order, you may do so by contacting me at info@earringmeadows.com up until the hour you receive a shipping confirmation. 

  • Once cancelled, the purchase price will be refunded to your original payment method.
  • Once item is shipped out, Returns are NOT accepted.

What If I Entered In The Wrong Delivery Address?

  • For Insurance purposes, packages will only be sent to the address provided on your checkout payment detail page. Please make sure this information is correct as you will not be able to change it after confirming your order.
  •  Emails telling me to send your package to a different address after being ordered, will NOT be acknowledged as I will have no way of knowing that it is you contacting me and not a thief.
  • The only way to fix this will be to cancel your order by emailing me at info@earringmeadows.com You will need to provide proof of purchase and details as to why you are canceling your order and do so BEFORE your order is shipped.

Why Does Earring Meadows Not Accept Returns?

Every pair of Earring Meadows earrings is specially designed to be worn only by its original buyer. This is not to make it difficult on my customers, rather it is to keep every pair truly special and make sure each pair is bought to be appreciated. Additionally this keeps germs to a minimum for you and me as the Artisan.

  • If you ship the earrings back I will not be able to offer a refund. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at info@earringmeadows.com Thanks so much for understanding!

What happens if my earrings go missing in the mail or get stolen after being delivered? 

All jewelry is made unique and one of a kind. Therefore if lost or broken any piece cannot be replaced.

  • Please note that I am NOT responsible for packages that are lost after proof of delivery has been received. I recommend you have your earrings delivered into a locking mailbox or that you be home for deliveries, although signature is not required.
  •  However I DO cover any proven postal error that results in the loss of your package although I can not offer a refund, I can offer an exchange of equal value within 14 days of your package not being delivered and customer notification. However, again, due to each pair being one of a kind, if it is lost in the mail, it can NOT be remade. Please contact me by email at info@earringmeadows.com to resolve this issue. 

Why is there small defects in my charm or beads?

Every pair of artisan earrings are made one of a kind, and I receive my product materials from various sources. Therefore, I cannot guarantee that a bead, charm, or material will not have manufacturer defects or slightly different colors then what can be seen in photos. However I carefully inspect every piece used in each pair of earrings to make sure that any defects are not noticeable during wearing. Any questions or concerns please email me at info@earringmeadows.com

Does Earring Meadows Offer International Shipping?

Although I would love to make my jewelry available worldwide, I simply do not have the resources at this time to do so, so please understand that I will only accept orders made from residents of the United States, and will only ship to addresses in the United States.

Privacy Policy & Terms & Conditions 

Please Note - Due to ever advancing technology, I reserve the right to change this policy at any time and may not be able to contact all customers with advance notice, so please read this privacy policy frequently.

Where Does Earring Meadows Get Its Logo And Photos?

Earring Meadows logo and pictures of earrings provided on this site are my personal property and each one is copyrighted and have not been taken from anywhere else. All photos are not to be saved or taken without my permission or consent. If you notice my pictures on any other website besides this site please contact me before ordering to ensure you are ordering from me and not a fake website. I am the social media manager over only two social media accounts. These are the official accounts to follow:

Instagram @earringmeadows

Facebook Page - Earring Meadows 

(Please note CH. Beaded Joy that was launched in 2019 is now rebranded as Earring Meadows and earring photos from either one are still mine and are still copyrighted. Inspiration photos at that time came from royalty free sites including https://pixabay.com/ and https://www.pexels.com/ ) 

What Does Earring Meadows Do With My Information?

At Earring Meadows I take Privacy very seriously so you can rest assured that your information is never, ever sold by me to any third parties. Below you will find the only reasons I keep and use the information you give to me, including your name, address, and email and phone number.

  • I use your name, email, and phone number to contact you with shipping information and tracking numbers. I also may contact you through email or text to resolve any problems or concerns you may have or speak with you in regards to an order you have made or plan to make.
  • I collect and store your email address within a email marketing website which is MailerLite. I will only send newsletters to those who specifically opt in for such emails either by means of my website, at an event such as Wedding Festivals or by means of databases that I receive from Wedding Festivals. 
  • I am a firm believer in only having emails that you care about in your inbox, so I will NEVER send you spam mail but you are more than welcome to unsubscribe anytime.
  • I will reserve your info, such as your name, email, and payment amount received (NOT full payment source, ex. Credit card number or PayPal card number) for my tax records.
  • Your name and address is used and stored to be able to send your order to you.

Earring Meadows never intentionally advertises its products to children 14 or under. Additionally no info is intentionally collected from children under 14 years of age. If you are a parent and have found that a child under 14 has provided info to me please contact me at info@earringmeadows.com to request this information be deleted or an order made by them be cancelled. If an order has already been shipped, in this case please return unopened to the return address of Earring Meadows as found on the box and contact me at info@earringmeadows.com to further resolve this issue. 

Who Else Gets My Information That I Voluntarily Provide To Earring Meadows?

Earring Meadows uses a shipping account through Pirate Ship in order to have business rates for shipping costs. Pirate Ship Privacy Policy    

Through this site your name and address are entered in as well as an email address you provided so as to keep you updated on the status of your package as well as ship your package to you.

As a small online business selling costume jewelry, Earring Meadows is run on Webador platform. Therefore all information you provide during checkout is processed through Webador services as well as PayPal, therefore Earring Meadows never sees your credit card number or any form of payment account numbers.

Webador maintains a very strong privacy policy and that can be accessed completely here:
Webador Privacy Policy

A quote from their site says: (Quote) “Webador's online service includes the processing of personal and privacy-sensitive data. Webador attaches great importance to the proper handling of personal data and thus processes and secures such data with due care and attention. If you have any questions, or you'd like more information regarding which data we store, please feel free to contact us.” (End Quote)

Additionally Webador  as a platform for my site, uses certain third party analytics service providers.

Webador states: (Quote) “We work with a number of partners who we may also share your personal data with, when this is necessary for us to provide the services for which you have signed up. A list of companies with whom we collaborate, and which may process your data, can be found at the bottom of this page.” (End Quote)

Under the subheading Security Webadors Policy states: “Personal data security is very important to us. We strive to maintain the security of your personal data, making adjustments where necessary and paying close attention to any risks. For example, our application uses a secure connection via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, indicated by the padlock symbol in your browser's address bar. We store backups at an external location. Our employees are explicitly instructed to maintain proper security on their electronic devices and to use secure login methods. We also carry out penetration tests to detect any vulnerabilities.”

Webador contains integrated services in order to offer all features of their platform. All services they use and links to all the privacy policies can be found at the bottom of Webadors Policy Page 

A few of these services include:

Google Analytics - Website analytics service  

Google Sign-In - Auto sign-in 

Google Cloud Platform - Cloud hosting, file storage and machine translation 

Stripe - Payment Processor  (not available through Earring Meadows at this time)

Paypal - Payment Processor   

Facebook - Auto sign-in and Ads 

Mandrill - Email delivery - Mailchimp by The Rocket Science Group, LLC  "

The rest of the integrated services are available at Webadors Privacy Policy Page 

Does Earring Meadows Use Cookies?

Earring Meadows is ran on the Webador platform and therefore Webador does use cookies. If you would like to know what cookies are (no not the chocolate chip kind) and to learn how Webador uses them visit: 

Webadors Policy Page

Under subheading Cookies, Webador states: (Quote) “Our online service uses functional, analytical, and tracking cookies. Cookies are small files in which we store information so that you don't have to re-enter it every time you access our service. Please note that our use of cookies also means we are aware of every time you visit our website.

We have agreements in place with other companies who place cookies. As Webador cannot control what those companies do with these cookies, we recommend reading their privacy statements.

You can disable cookie placement in your browser settings. However, this means you will no longer be able to log into our system. You can also delete all cookies placed by us or our partners via your browser settings. After logging in, our system will function correctly again.” (End Quote)


If you would like to remove your name and email and no longer receive emails from me, or for any questions regarding my privacy policy, shipping or return policy please email me, Cierra Hutton, at info@earringmeadows.com