2023 SC Festival Of Flowers

Published on 6 June 2023 at 11:35

2023 SC Festival Of Flowers - Greenwood

Hello all my wonderful readers! Hope you all are doing well and letting your inner beauty shine every day, and keep shining even when you feel like you have no shine to give, because that's when your shine is the most beautiful.

So, as for me, I am well aware that it has been over a year since my last blog post but that is the busy reality of a business owner! I haven't even had a chance to think, let along type up a blog post, but as I sit in my living room with the sunshine flowing in through the sheer curtains, and enjoy the comfort of my little Yorkie sitting on my lap, I am moved to share the news about another amazing event I am looking forward to! 

This is the first year that Earring Meadows will be one of the chosen artisan vendors for the SC Annual Festival of Flowers and I am so excited! We recently redesigned our booth to further reflect the unique beauty of our earrings and make shopping even more enjoyable for my amazing customers! So, If you want to experience a one of a kind shopping experience and see earrings you'll never forget, come visit us at the Festival at Booth #7 outside of the pavilion.  

Now, for a bit of background info about preparing for this festival, an inside look on what it feels like to be a vendor. I recently learned that this particular event is said to draw a crowd of 100,000 people which is quite exciting because the more people there are, the more chance I'll get the privilege to watch a new customer be totally amazed by the art that's in front of them. I simply never get tired of watching women's eyes light up when they see earrings that reflect their unique inner beauty and personality.

So, to get to this festival, we live in the Anderson area, about an hour from the location of the festival. We need to be there to load in by 8 am and set up each morning by 9 am, which means we will be leaving the house no later than 7:00 am and that means waking up by 5 am and packing lunch, taking care of my pups, getting dressed up, and tying up any loose ends that have to be taken care of day of including charging devices, and temporarily removing earrings from my online store ! So, if you see me by the end of the day and I look like I've been hit by a truck, now you know why, lol! 

Regardless of the effort and planning it takes, I truly love my job and enjoy the festivals I get to attend and truly appreciate all your support, so I can't wait to meet ya at this years SC Festival Of Flowers! 

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