Should YOU Wear Blue?

Published on 28 March 2022 at 22:40

Whether your favorite shade of blue is aqua, turquoise, or navy blue, there is something special about this color that just draws us back over and over again.

We are surrounded by blue every day. We see clear blue in the sky above, deep navy blue in the oceans that surround our continent and even little blue blossoms in the flowers we might not always notice on the ground beneath us.

I personally LOVE every shade of blue and it’s a very, very, rare thing for me to be able to walk into a bead store without buying at least one strand (usually more) of some shade of blue. In my studio, I’m pretty sure I have more blue beads and pendants than any other color! I just love how blue ranges in shades and has so much variety before it becomes another color completely. Yet, the odd thing is, I personally look terrible in blue! My skin tone just does NOT look good against blue. I end up looking cold and sick. So, although I LOVE the color and surround myself with it, I choose NOT to wear it!

The lesson? There is nothing wrong with only wearing colors that look good on YOU, in fact I encourage it! Why wear a color in jewelry or clothes that leaves you feeling unflattering?! Instead, find the colors that work for YOU! Experiment, by using some good, preferably natural, lighting and a full length mirror and test out different colors on your skin tone by holding them up to your face and lowering them and decide if that color makes you feel beautiful and alive, or cold and sick. Can’t decide? Get a trusted friend to be brutally honest to help you decide. I have an older sister who I love to the moon and back, but when she sees me in a color that’s unflattering, she’ll tell me straight up, “that color looks ugly on you.”

“Well, thank you sis!” And “How Rude!” Well, I’ll take rude honesty from her any day, knowing she is just saying what needed to be said, fortunately usually before I walk out the door for the day! Hopefully you have a friend like that to tell you how you look too.

So if you love Blue but your skin tone doesn't, you can still buy it! But not necessarily in clothes or accessories. Instead, buy yourself some blue décor, paint your room aqua, or just go out and buy yourself a gorgeous blue orchid! If you love blue, enjoy it, whether you can wear it, or not! 

So if you are reading this and thinking "I look absolutely fabulous in Blue", then go check out Earring Meadows Blue Collection under “Shop By Color” and get yourself a one of a kind pair of earrings as a gift for yourself! If Blue isn't your color, feel free to shop for a friend who looks outstanding in blue, or if all your friends just cant make blue fly, shop our other stunning colors! For me, I look fabulous in pink and purple, so trust me, it takes a lot of self control to make those and let them go, so you might want to head on over there and claim your pink earrings before I change my mind and add them to my own collection. ;-)

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