Shop By Color: 

I added this feature to Earring Meadows because I absolutely love shopping by color so I wanted my customers to enjoy that feeling as well!

Have Fun Shopping! 

Calming Blue: 

Artisan Notes: Whether it's the clear blue of the ocean, the dark blue night sky, or a soft blue flower, I find the color blue to be both calming and refreshing. It's no surprise then that my studio bead collection contains a lot of different shades of blue! 

Peaceful Green:

Artisan Notes: Green surrounds us every day in the grass beneath us, the trees above us, as well as in the houseplants I try to keep alive... Green reminds me of life and peaceful scenery and is very enjoyable to work with, so I often mix several shades of green for pieces filled with life! 

Classy BlackShimmering Gray:

Artisan Notes: Though black may be dark for some, its elegance is impossible to deny. Paired correctly, black can add such depth to an earring, making all the other colors stand out in a way they could never do on their own. 

As for Gray, it shimmers with a unique beauty all its own, a color found in the most special of creatures including loyal elephants and glistening dolphins! 

Golden Yellow & Earthy Brown:

Artisan Notes: Yellow is, and always will be, a color I think of when I think "Happy". I can't help but smile at the sight of a dandelion, revel in the golden glow of the sun, and enjoy every drop of lemonade. This is why you'll see Yellow featured in many of my summer designs.  

If I had to choose a favorite color in nature though, it would be Brown. Brown is often the color of a horses silky mane, a rustic barn door, life sustaining soil, and fuzzy pups. This natural color is abundant and appears in many of my animal inspired designs. 

Warm Orange Energetic Coral:

Artisan Notes: Despite the fact that changing seasons means freezing temperatures, the changing leaves and glow of fireplaces make orange an all around warm color. 

For me, a color that stands out as vastly different from the rest in its own unique way would be coral! The very best presentation of coral in nature... Definitely Flamingos! 


Endearing Pink & Captivating Red: 

Artisan Notes: As far as fashion goes, Pink is by far my favorite color to wear. The color seems to brighten my skin tone and my mood! Every pink pair tugs at my heart strings a little more than the rest, so consider it very special when I allow a pink pair to go on the market! 

Artisan Notes: When something is red we cant help but look, so if you're looking to catch attention red is the color for you!

Elegant Purple:

Artisan Notes: Purple seems to be found only in some of the most beautiful places including the delicate feathers of a bird in flight, or the soft lavender blooms. Though it seems rarer in nature, Purple is a color you'll find in many of my designs! 

Glistening White and Dainty Clear:

Artisan Notes: I love the versatility of white and clear, having the ability to pair with any color and yet it never blends in or takes over. This unique quality makes these accents appear in countless designs, adding that special brightness that only white can! 

Shop By Metal Accent Tones: 

Whether you prefer a certain metal finish as a personal preference or have learned that a certain color palette goes best with your skin tone, this section specially organizes all our available earrings by the metal accent colors featured in its design.  


Artisan Notes: The earthy, natural tones of Bronze make it one of my favorites to use so you will see it featured in a lot of my designs. A style point I have noticed though, is Bronze can be harder to see against darker hair, however it stands out well against blonde and shimmering silver. 


Artisan Notes: It can be surprisingly difficult to find accents and elements in Copper, therefore each earring in this collection has that extra note of standing out as one of a kind, perfect for the woman who loves earthy colors but refuses to blend into the background. 


Artisan Notes: Gold is considered a status symbol, a measure of wealth, however I prefer using gold as a delicate accent, a beautiful framing around enamel charms, glinting in the light adding that special feeling of elegance to each earring.


Artisan Notes: Gunmetal, which I often wrongly refer to as hematite, is one of my favorite colors to work with as it adds so much depth to designs. However it is quite a challenge to find elements in Gunmetal so designs featuring this color are rare and disappear quickly. 


Artisan Notes: Antique and bright silver finishes are the color you'll see used most often in my designs as I feel silver adds a special light, almost airiness to earrings, and it compliments nearly every skin tone making it very versatile and fun to use!